Reason #245 Not to Do Graffiti

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April 2, 2013 12:46 PM by Wade Blogs

graffitiSFGate – A man who was found dead hanging by a rope off an 18-story Sacramento high-rise appears to have been a graffiti tagger, Sacramento police said Monday.

Fire Battalion Chief Marc Bentovoja said the man appears to have died accidentally of asphyxiation when he created a harness from the rope and lowered himself down the east side of the office building.

“From everything we can tell, he didn’t have any special rope rappelling equipment on, climbing equipment or anything like that,” he said. “He appeared to be looped into the rope.”

To our impressionable young readers out there, here is a story of a young man who tried to be artistic and different and wound up in a morgue. If you want to make art, do it on your own property and don’t deface other peoples buildings. Seriously, what the hell is a “tag” anyway if you’re anonymous? If you’re dating a girl you can say that tag is yours and she may never know you’re bullshitting her! Make up a back story just like any other time and BOOOOOM you’re in. This guy thought that was stupid so he decided to make a homemade rope and harness. Not the best execution.

The Darwin Awards are in full swing so far this year folks.

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