America’s Losing Battle With Time


April 2, 2013 3:15 PM by Wade Blogs

Elsie Calvert ThompsonDaily Mail – America’s oldest person has passed away in her Clearwater, Florida, home, just weeks before her 114th birthday.

Born on April 5, 1899, Elsie Calvert Thompson was the fourth-oldest person in the world. She died peacefully on March 21 and her family held a memorial service in Clearwater. Her ashes will be buried in Pennsylvania, next to her late husband.

Thompson’s only child George Thompson, 72, said she died as he flew from his home in California to see her. She had congestive heart failure.

America’s oldest person died this week just a few weeks shy of her 114th birthday. Elsie Calvert Thompson died peacefully on March 21st in her Florida condo.

The oldest American now is Jeralean Talley born May 23, 1899. Now you are asking why is America losing the battle with time? People die all the time right? You are 100000% right but you know what? We are about to not have any Americans that were alive at the turn of the 20th century. It may not make any difference in your life but it’s a fuckin travesty I don’t want to see. It’s kinda like reading that the last WWII veteran passed away, that is going to be tough to handle because I grew up around WWII ¬†stories. I guess this is what growing up feels like?

Rest in Peace beautiful.

One thought on “America’s Losing Battle With Time

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