Best Way to Prove You’re Not a Cop? Beat the Shit Out of Someone

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April 1, 2013 3:15 PM by Smash

William BuskerHuffington Post – A New Orleans man is accused of kicking and punching someone into a bloody pulp just to prove that he wasn’t a police officer.

Police say William Busker, 22, was attempting to buy cocaine inside a strip club Sunday morning, the Times-Picayune reported.

The drug dealer asked Busker to steal from someone to demonstrate that he wasn’t a cop, cops said, according to FOX 8.

Busker allegedly followed a 31-year-old man out of the club and snatched his wallet. The man fought back, Fox 8 reported, and police say Busker punched and kicked him until he was unconscious.

Police found the victim lying in a pool of blood. He was treated for facial injuries and missing teeth.

Busker was charged with second-degree battery, armed robbery and flight from an officer, according to the Times-Picayune.

Busker was taken to a local hospital after telling he had broken his foot kicking the victim. He was then taken into custody on $52,500 bail.

Busker’s Facebook page states that he attended school at the “School of Hard Knocks, University of Life.”

This is just a heads up play. You want to prove you’re not a cop? Obviously steal a guys wallet in a sloppy fashion, get caught, then get in a fight and beat the shit out of him. Totally not a cop.

This has to be the first alumnus from the School of Hard Knocks, University of Life Campus to be arrested. Had a terrific track record up until William Busker went and ended the streak. Selfish, bro.

This also has to be the most stereotypical move in the drug world. A guy gets in a fight outside of a strip club because he was trying to buy cocaine and prove he isn’t a cop. Has to happen once a night at every strip club across the country.

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