The Field of Four is Almost Set

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March 30, 2013 3:13 PM by TeddyKGB

I wish I could have picked my bracket like I picked the Sweet Sixteen games. 2 for three on Thursday and 3 for 4 yesterday. (And Florida only missed it by 1.5!) I’ll take 5/7 any day.

Since we only have four games left between now and Sunday, I’ll go over all four.

Syracuse -3.5 vs. Marquette: Marquette continues to surprise me. Not because they are bad, because they aren’t. It was just that throughout the season, you would see them play well, and then you would watch them look lost in others. Since they have made it this far, I am going to take them with the points. While Indiana and Tom Crean had NO IDEA how to play against Boeheim’s zone. Marquette on the other hand has seen this zone many times. So, many of you will be thinking that: Indiana > Marquette, so that means Syracuse must be better than Marquette. Sure, that may be the case, but Marquette beat them in Milwaukee this year, and I think they do it again in DC. Either way, I like Marquette with 3.5.

Wichita State +4.5 vs. Ohio State: This is a tough one. The Shockers are a great team… but I’m going to stick with my bracket. I had the Buckeyes in my final four, so I iwll keep them there. 4.5 scares me a bit, but I’m going to go with it. Give me the Buckeyes and eat the 4.5.

Michigan +2.5 vs. Florida: This line opened at 1. Its is now 2.5 to 3. I think Vegas started low with the Amazing Trey Burke-lead comeback by the Wolverines, but it seems like people are sticking with the Gators. Well, so am I. Michigan almost didn’t make it here, I had Florida in the Final Four AND Ken Pom has Florida as his #1. So, with all of that, I will lay 2.5. However, keep and eye on this line. I feel like the line could move a bunch between now and 2pm tomorrow.

Duke +3.5 vs. Louisville: Here’s the one where I’m going against my bracket. I was so tempted to take Duke over Louisville when I made this bracket 2 weeks ago. Where I pussed out there is where I am going to be a man today. Yes, Louisville is a great team, but they have not been battle tested so far. Colorado St and Oregon were formidable opponents… but this is Duke. Even if they loose, they are not going to run over. Take the Blue Devils with 3.5.

Your bracket is shattered anyway… so watch the games for enjoyment and stop cheering for a bracket pool!

I’ll leave you with my other favorite NCAA tournament call:

Teddy Out.

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