2013 MLB Preview – NL West

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March 30, 2013 1:01 PM by Wade Blogs

Baseball Preview NL WestSan Francisco Giants:

The Giants have won two out of the last three World Series and have a certain feel about them. They remind me of the late 90’s Yankees and have a great group of players. Stars, stepping up role players, veterans, and great coaching. Look for them to return to the fall classic.

Los Angeles Dodgers:

The Dodgers have bought their team and they aren’t the best but they were the shiniest on the block over the past 12 months. Look for them to contend but they are injury prone and may disappoint everyone. The payroll is massive and they have to live up to that as well.

San Diego Padres:

In San Diego, if Chase Headley is on, the Padres will be as well. They play in a pitcher friendly park and need to produce some pop in order to be effective. Don’t be surprised if Headley is traded by July.

Arizona Diamondbacks:

The Diamondbacks have pitching and little to no slugging power. Will be a long season in the desert. They should bring up some prospects to speed up some of their rebuilding but they are cautious. Don’t expect much from the Dbacks this year.

Colorado Rockies:

Colorado has some work to do. If they are healthy they will surprise a lot of people. They need to go back to more of a traditional pitching rotation and pitch counts (hopefully they can put Project 5,183 behind them). They will have a tough time in the NL West.

  1. San Francisco Giants – x
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers – y
  3. San Diego Padres
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks
  5. Colorado Rockies

x = clinched division | y = clinched playoff berth

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