Rueben Enaje, the 54 Year Old Filipino Man Who Reenacts the Crucifixion of Christ – You’re My Guy

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March 29, 2013 12:46 PM by Billy Heywood


Shout out to all Christians celebrating Good Friday this year. Usually normal people get a half day at work and go to 3pm mass, but this Filipino Ruben Enaje makes suffering on the cross a yearly routine. Thanks for making us look bad Rueben! Just kidding, but I have to give it to Rueben. For the past 27 years hes been volunteering to walk in the footsteps of Jesus’ crucifixion.

104785253_easter1_281701bBut on a serious note, how devoted must you be to get (fake) crucified every Good Friday? I mean I follow my religion like a regular guy, but Rueben sets the tone for all Christians out there. Every Good Friday he carrys the cross, gets beaten with real whips, and then a bunch of Manny Pacquiao’s cousins nail him to the cross. With real nails, and real hammers.

b9402162a12b810a2d0f6a7067008b9bRueben makes me look like a lame-ass atheist, maybe its time to get my shit together. Maybe its time for all of us to get our shit together. Lets make this world a better place.

Reuben, thanks to your unbreakable faith and tireless devotion to Jesus Christ and all he stands for, you’re my guy.

Sidenote – I must have misspelled “crucifixion” 11 different ways…Whaddup auto-correct!

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