‘The Hangover’ As a Horror Movie


March 28, 2013 9:00 AM by Smash

This is so unbelievably well done it’s mind boggling. I don’t think there is a movie that is further from a horror flick but Richard W. Scott somehow seemed to pull it off. Well done.

This dude in the comments brings up a great point: what if you took someone who has been living under a rock or somehow doesn’t have any sort of technology, showed them this trailer, then showed them the real movie?

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 10.12.08 PM

They’d probably hate it, right? Just leave in utter disgust thinking it was the worst horror movie they’ve ever seen in their life. “IT WASN’T SCARY AT ALL!” Which those people I’ll discuss in its own post but I wouldn’t mind seeing their face while watching the real movie.

One thought on “‘The Hangover’ As a Horror Movie

  1. fringevoid says:

    I’ve never seen this. Don’t care to. Guess I’m one of those rock dwellers. If the movie in this trailer actually existed, though, I’d definitely rent it!

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