Stanford Researchers Have Found Drug That Kills Every Kind of Cancer

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March 28, 2013 10:16 AM by Smash

Stanford ResearchNY Post – Researchers might have found the Holy Grail in the war against cancer, a miracle drug that has killed every kind of cancer tumor it has come in contact with.

The drug works by blocking a protein called CD47 that is essentially a “do not eat” signal to the body’s immune system, according to Science Magazine.

This protein is produced in healthy blood cells but researchers at Stanford University found that cancer cells produced an inordinate amount of the protein thus tricking the immune system into not destroying the harmful cells.

With this observation in mind, the researchers built an antibody that blocked cancer’s CD47 so that the body’s immune system attacked the dangerous cells.

So far, researchers have used the antibody in mice with human breast, ovary, colon, bladder, brain, liver and prostate tumors transplanted into them. In each of the cases the antibody forced the mice’s immune system to kill the cancer cells.

Well isn’t this pretty fucking awesome? Super drug just taking dumps all over cancers face. As great as this is, I’m kind of terrified of this. You know how people are cautious with what they do nowadays? Like people don’t tan like they used to, don’t reuse plastic bottles, don’t cook with certain shit, etc. So what happens when we’re practically immune to any sort of cancer? Will we basically become superheroes? I feel like this will just allow everyone to be tan as shit now. Melanoma? Nah, I’ll pop some magic medicine. All set.

In all seriousness though, this seems like a huge development. I know next to nothing about science but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is a pretty big deal.

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