Resume the Battle!


March 28, 2013 2:45 PM by TeddyKGB

Ohio State Buzzer BeaterGoing into the opening round, there are just way too many games to try and analyze. There is a reason that there has never or ever will there be a perfect bracket. I saw a tweet from RJ Bell that said if everyone on the planet filled out a bracket every second, it would take 43 years to get all of the combinations. I checked the math… and he’s right. Go ahead and try:

Total Number = 2^63

Total Population = 6,973,738,433


2^63 / 6,973,738,433 / 60 / 60 / 24 / 365 = 41.94 years.

So he was close anyway.

Back to shit that matters. Since I didn’t give you too many specifics, lets review where Teddy was Right. My bracket isn’t doing great, but the ones I liked, I nailed.

Speaking of #1 seeds. “Gonzaga has the No. 97 strength of schedule, the worst SOS of any No. 1 seed in the last 20 years.” I won’t debate whether or not they deserve the seed, but the West bracket is terrible. What a crap shoot. Anyone who nails that bracket should be awarded the top prize in any pool regardless of how they do in the rest. I could literally see any single-digit seed coming out of there.”

Nailed that… Everyone has nothing but red on that region. Nothing else to be said.

Oregon a 12-seed? I’m not alone here, but wtf was the selection committee thinking on this one?

… And they are in the Sweet 16. Good job Selection Committee!

Even worse, the Minnesota vs UCLA game. Just to give you an idea, Minny is the 11 and Vegas has them favored by 3.

I can’t take much here. Everyone picked this “Upset”. They lost to Florida, who I have in my Final Four, so it worked out so far.

Miami a 2-seed (and the committee hating the ACC this year). This is the first time EVER that the regular season AND ACC tournament champion has not gotten a 1-seed.

Miami will beat this Marquette team that is barely winning games, and I bet they take my National Championship Hoosiers down as well. That is of course if Indiana even gets past Syracuse… which I think could be a big upset tonight.

But finally, the big one. We will revisit this in another week obviously, but for now:

So who will win your bracket pool this year? Well accept it now, because it’s not going to be the guy that talks basketball all day every day. The person winning your office pool this year is Sue in accounting who made her picks based on team names…

In a group of over 30 on Yahoo, my girlfriend is currently in the lead.

I’ve already wasted enough of your paid cubicle work time, so I will only look at tonight’s games and we can come back tomorrow to discuss tomorrows games.

Marquette Vs. Miami (-5): Miami definitely wins here. The five points is a little scary, but I’d lay them. Take the Canes.

Arizona Vs. Ohio State (-3.5): The Fighting Sean Miller’s are playing out of their minds. They were loved early on in the season and then failed to meet expectation. Now, they are one of the hottest teams left. On paper, I like the Buckeyes, but right now, I would take Arizona and 3.5 points.

Syracuse Vs. Indiana (5.5): I want Indiana… but they aren’t playing like they should. I’m scared that ‘Cuse beats thtem outright. I’m not going to bet them moneyline, but I like Cuse getting 5.5.

LaSalle Vs. Wichita St. (4.5): Don’t bet this game. Seriously. Two teams that no one would ever thought would be playing each other in a Sweet Sixteen game are going to be fighting for an Elite Eight spot. Watch it, enjoy it, have fun, but unless you feel you MUST bet every game. Don’t… or just flip a coin.

I’m going to leave you with one of my 2 favorite call in March Madness history. Tomorrow, the other.


See you all tomorrow.


One thought on “Resume the Battle!

  1. Buzzington says:

    Oregon Vs. Louisville? I know its tomorrow but come on…I need your thoughts teddy

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