Urine Controlled Video Games Coming to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs Ballpark

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March 27, 2013 11:31 AM by Smash

captive-media-urinalsUS News – A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania will become the first professional sports franchise to offer urine-controlled video games in its restrooms when the season starts in April.

Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley IronPigs will debut the “Urinal Gaming System” in its men’s bathrooms—the custom urinals feature a “pee controlled” video screen that will entertain fans as they use the restroom.

The system is designed by a British company called Captive Media—in a demo for the urinal, the company shows a snowboarding slalom game in which the character is controlled by where the player pees.

“To turn left, pee left … to turn right, pee left,” the video says. At the end of the game (an average of about 55 seconds, according to the company’s research), players will get a code to put their score on a leader board.

I want to like this…I really do. But this is another one of those “good on paper, bad in reality” type ideas. I’ll be the first one to admit tv’s in the bathroom make me way more excited to pee than they should. Watching the game and you don’t have to miss anything. Instead of studying the wall in front of you to avoid any sort of peripheral glimpses of some guys dong, you can focus 98% of your attention on the tv and 2% on making sure you don’t get your dick stuck in your zipper.

However, the problem with these things is very simple: lines. Especially the fact that it’s at a ballpark. Even if it’s just a minor league park, this will cause for longer waits. All of a sudden the mens bathroom will start to look like the women’s. Lines out the door just to piss, you miss some of the game, some asshole is bragging about the high score he got while peeing. All things none of us need.

Call me crazy but I’d rather have an “in and out” type bathroom experience than stand with my dick out along with 13 other dicks competing for the high score in snake. There will be piss EVERYWHERE.

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