Miami Heat Extend Winning Streak to 27 Games; MVP Set in Stone

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March 27, 2013 10:15 AM by Dick Pepperfield

Now in case you haven’t noticed, the Heat are on a bit of a winning streak. Without getting into a ’72 Lakers – ’13 Heat debate this streak is impressive. The 27 straight wins by the Heat are more than 10 teams have wins all season. Their 27 wins are 7 less than the 8 seed in the East (Milwaukee). Let those stats sink in for a second.

It’s pretty difficult to find any holes in the Heat’s play. The only glaring weakness is rebounds, but they force enough turnovers to make up the difference. Getting through the Eastern Conference shouldn’t be an issue, but whoever comes out of the West could give the Heat a good series.
1. Miami Heat (56-14)
2. Oklahoma City Thunder (52-19)
3. San Antonio Spurs (53-17)
4. Denver Nuggets (49-23)
5. Los Angeles Clippers (48-22)
While the NBA Championship is far from decided, the race for the MVP is so over. LeBron James could average 10-5-5 here on out and he’s still got it. Honestly he could tear his ACL and still win (not that anyone would want that).
1. LeBron James
2. Kevin Durant
3. Doesn’t matterThe race for Defensive Player of the Year is most likely going to come down to who doesn’t require a wheelchair to accept the award. Joakim Noah and Marc Gasol have both missed a number of games and Gasol could be shut down for the season. Tyson Chandler managed to get injured while rehabbing a different injury, and don’t you dare even mention Dwight Howard.

1. Joakim Noah
2. Marc Gasol
3. Larry Sanders
4. Tyson Chandler
Along with the MVP, the Rookie of the Year race has been wrapped up for quite some time. Damian Lillard is averaging 19-6-3 with a stupid good PER of almost 17. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll get to see any top rookie talents in the playoffs this year (which isn’t crazy since shitty teams get top picks), but the future is bright for a few franchises.
1. Damian Lillard
2. Anthony Davis
3. Bradley Beal
4. Andre Drummond
Can we also talk for a second about this upcoming draft? If I were a lottery destined team I would be doing everything I can to move my pick to a later year, that is if I can find a suitor. Nerlens Noel tore his ACL, averaged 10-9-4 for an NIT team and should be the first pick. Ben McLemore is 2 of 14 in the tournament and people are actually high on him. Cody Zeller is hot garbage, Marcus Smart is a 1 who can’t pass or a 2 who can’t shoot, and the rest of the top prospects are NBA specialist who wouldn’t be sniffing a top-10 pick if this were any other year. Except last year, which also produced a disappointing crop.The Kings already gave up on the 5th pick (Thomas Robinson) and traded him for nothing. The 10th pick (Austin Rivers) is having one of the worst statistical season ever. Only a handful of 1st rounders have even cracked their perspective starting lineups.

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