“Murph:The Protector” is A Definite MUST SEE


March 22, 2013 2:45 PM by Billy Heywood


MURPH: The Protector is a feature-length documentary based on Navy SEAL LT Michael Murphy’s life of honor, courage and commitment.  If you ever read “Lone Survivor” then this is a must see movie.  Check your local listings for when and where it is playing because it is not in every theater.  It comes out today and will be a great way to spend part of your weekend.  

This is a great way to celebrate the Medal of Honor’s 150th anniversary, we will posting different things to commemorate such historic means.
Check out all the information on showtimes and details about the movie here at http://www.murphmovie.com/

One thought on ““Murph:The Protector” is A Definite MUST SEE

  1. […] As we wrote about last week, he had a movie/documentary that came out on this past weekend and I went to go see it despite being glued to March Madness since high noon on Thursday (March 21). The movie is being released in select Regal Cinemas theaters through a partnership with Mactavish Pictures, a company founded by the filmmaker, author, and U.S. Navy veteran to tell stories of honor, courage, and commitment.This story told the life of Michael Murphy and many of the people who went to go see it already know details of his life. He was a loving, caring, hardworking soul that loved his country as he did his family and friends. He answered the call of freedom and justice before the attacks on 9/11/01. As a Navy SEAL he was sent into foreign lands to do the toughest of missions, if you’d like to read about his story and those who died during Operation Red Wing then please read “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell. […]

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