I Just Came Up With a Billion Dollar Idea for a Common Problem

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March 21, 2013 12:47 PM by Wade Blogs

Gross Pit StainWe are men here at B-Minus Blogs and things men do best other than drinking beers and watching sports–is sweat like a Mexican in the parking lot of Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS for you inbred uneducated fucks). I wear a suit and tie (cue it JT!) to work every-damn-day and normally get yelled at for sucking at my job or I am on the kill or be killed adrenaline rush of the moment. Those are two reasons why I sweat so much at work. All my dress shirts get ruined because of a lack of undershirt because they just are uncomfortable, even the great fits of the Kirkland brands. Because I use deodorant with God knows what type of chemicals my hair pits leak some type of yellow yuckyness.

So here is my challenge to the next Brooks Brothers, Calvin Kleins, and Hugo Bosses of the world: make double padded armpits in dress shirts please! Maybe even just armpit only undershirts. I just gave you a million, no BILLION dollar revolution to put forth. Make it happen for all us gross sweaty men out there.
Also, you think ladies have this problem? It may not be pit-sweats but maybe like after effects of that special time of the month? Sorry for being graphic but you know how I roll guys.

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