Cougar Hunting At Its Finest

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March 21, 2013 2:02 PM by Wade Blogs



Tennessean – A 42-year-old Nashville woman accused of inappropriately touching and soliciting a Murfreesboro preteen for sex at his home in February was arrested on two outstanding indictments last week, according to police.

Elizabeth “Leigh” Garner, 42, of 806 Highland Park Court in Nashville, was indicted by a grand jury this month on one count each of aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for child rape in reference to the incident, according to a report filed by Murfreesboro Police Detective Tommy Roberts.

The detective reported he began investigating the incident in February with Department of Children’s investigator Kevin Smith after the boy disclosed to his mother he had been molested by Garner.

During an interview with police at his school, the boy said Garner was at his home drinking, and at some point late in the evening he went to use the restroom when Garner followed him, according to police.

“He stated she was asking him if he had ever been with a woman,” Roberts reported, adding the boy disclosed she then touched him inappropriately on the outside of his pants. “He also said she was making an attempt to take his shorts off …” and told the boy she would perform oral sex on him.

A 42 year old mynx was trying to get after it with a 12 year old boy and he told his mom? I mean we do NOT condone sex with minors or sexual assault of any nature. It scares the victim for life and that is something that no one should EVER have to go through. Hope everything works out for all parties involved. But…
For arguments sake lets break this down. When I was 12 years old I was looking and judging EVERY woman of every age with the binary system (1 or 0) with my friends to see if I’d ever “go the distance with her.” You guessed it, nearly all the women short of an old lady with saggy bags got a 1. Call it my raging hormones during puberty but I call it being adventurous. In my mind at 12, I was a man ready for any challenge in life. Now say I was drinking at age 12, which this kid was, that is pretty bad ass. I didn’t dabble in grandpa’s old cough medicine until 16. But drinking at 12? I would be so DOWN for whatever it scares me to think (maybe that’s why the drinking age is 21). Now say a former NFL cheerleader just four years removed from being one that made headlines for being a 38 year old on a team with 20somethings, approached me in a seductive manner? Well first thing going through my head would be Tony Yayo’s “So Seductive” and second would be “this HAS to be a dream.”
Would I tell my mom? Probably not. Would I tell my friends?  After looking at other cases of things like this of telling friends that would get jealous and would rat you out, I’d probably keep it to myself for a while.
Elizabeth “Leigh” Garner if you’re looking for a man, let us know. I got plenty of time for you, I am above 18, and love Nashville.
Sidenote – I would bet the house saying that every porno studio is rushing a script to get this out ASAP, not saying a script in the adult film industry is time consuming, but you get my point.

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