Teddy’s Nonsensical Thoughts on This Year’s Bracket

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March 20, 2013 4:32 PM by TeddyKGB

March Madness 2013My head is so jumbled right now, that to write a cohesive post would just be a jumbled mess of thoughts and run-on sentences. Instead, you are getting bullet points.


– Louisville is the number one overall seed. I’m not saying they are bad, but everyone does realize that they were down at the half in the championship game against ‘Cuse, right? I’m going to take them fairly far, but they won’t be my champion.

– Speaking of #1 seeds. “Gonzaga has the No. 97 strength of schedule, the worst SOS of any No. 1 seed in the last 20 years.” I won’t debate whether or not they deserve the seed, but the West bracket is terrible. What a crap shoot. Anyone who nails that bracket should be awarded the top prize in any pool regardless of how they do in the rest. I could literally see any single-digit seed coming out of there.

– Rank the regions: Midwest, South, East, West

– Oregon a 12-seed? I’m not alone here, but wtf was the selection committee thinking on this one?

– Even worse, the Minnesota vs UCLA game. Just to give you an idea, Minny is the 11 and Vegas has them favored by 3.

– Miami a 2-seed (and the committee hating the ACC this year). This is the first time EVER that the regular season AND ACC tournament champion has not gotten a 1-seed.

So who will win your bracket pool this year? Well accept it now, because it’s not going to be the guy that talks basketball all day every day. The person winning your office pool this year is Sue in accounting who made her picks based on team names. This year has been all over the place. I bet the Final Four is an absolute mess of seeds with analysts scratching their heads for days.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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