How Have These People Never Tasted Sam Adams Before?


March 20, 2013 9:00 AM by Smash

I mentioned this commercial in a tweet last night and I just can’t wrap my head around it. Why are these people’s minds blown when they’re told they’re drinking a regular Sam Adams? Since it’s in Raleigh, North Carolina, it must be all NASCAR fans that only drink Budweiser or something right? Other than your shitty domestics like Miller, Coors, Bud, etc, I’d imagine Sam Adams is right there.

I’m sticking to that theory: these people have only drank Budweiser or Miller Lite their entire lives. In their minds, no other beers even exist. It’s the Bud way or no way. Expand your beer palates your uncultured swine. Unbelievable.

6 thoughts on “How Have These People Never Tasted Sam Adams Before?

  1. linus says:

    Your assumptions are quite arrogant and incorrect. North Carolina was the ‘birthplace of Nascar’ back in 1949 (back when white was right and homosexuals stayed in the closet), since then it has become quite a national sport with events in Delaware, New Hampshire, New York, Michigan and California to name a few. In fact only one race occurs in NC these days. Try to open your mind a little and come into the 21st century with the rest of us.

    What Sam Adams failed to show in their 30 second spot was these folks were at a bar with a wide selection of import/craft beers. They are, in fact, the people who don’t touch all of your stereotypical beers listed above! That’s why they are surprised; they tasted a beer that seemed ‘flavorful’, yet they had dismissed it as run-of-the mill domestic trash. Check out the website at to view the selections yourself.

    Meanwhile, if you do venture down to the south anytime soon, let me be the first to greet you: Welcome to Dixie… don’t stay long.

    • Smash says:

      Thanks for that short novel Linus. I’m guessing you somehow stumbled upon this post and don’t normally frequent the site because I’m not serious at all in it. I don’t actually assume everyone in Raleigh (or North Carolina) for that matter only drink shitty, domestic beers.

      It might come as a surprise but almost everything I write uses satire and/or sarcasm. But hey…thanks for your input.

      NASCAR still sucks though.

  2. Mark says:

    What an absolutely ignorant comment to make. How about I make a similar comment like your such amoron because Raleigh has very little to do with NASCAR… That’s Charolotte its about 3 hours west of here…. Likely the reason for such a response is because we have so many micro-brews you don’t see alot of the national brand beers unless you go to a national chain…. Your small brain would explode if you went to a town like Asheville NC because that’s basically all they serve is Micro-brews.

  3. (another) Mark says:

    Calling BS on the “satire” defense. I think you are trying to tactfully extract yourself from a hole you dug. Actually satire would mean you are in fact making fun of the people in the commercial by way of comparing them to NASCAR fans (mind you I hate NASCAR). I think you mean you were being sarcastic. But you got your sarcasm inside out…these guys probably never stoop to beer like Sam Adams (which is trying to widen their reach with some different stuff so good on them for that). Raleigh itself has 6 breweries (23 in the “triangle” area) and North Carolina has 83 at last count. Give us some credit for trying to buck the NASCAR image and maybe rip on Sam Adams for having to still use commercials to sell its beer instead of the beer selling itself (which maybe it could now with their newer stuff).

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