There’s No Better Feeling


March 19, 2013 4:31 PM by Wade Blogs

Dress SocksSipping a glass of a cold beverage when you’re over heated or parched. Pinching a loaf after prairie dogging it for a few hours or taking a piss after way too many beers at a game. All mentioned feelings are great PG rated feelings we all can attest too. I choose to keep the HBO version out of this post cause we all know how good certain things feel (wink wink).

But I’d have to add one more to the list, taking your socks off after a long day of wearing socks and shoes. The socks don’t have to be necessarily sweaty, just have to of weathered the battles of the day. When you take the sock off for the brief second and your dogs get a blast of fresh air is pure bliss.

My grandfathers and great/grand uncles (what the fuck are my grandparents sibs suppose to be called?!) all served in WWII are stressed to all younger generations the importance of clean feet and well wiped ass. I’ll get into the latter in another post.

I’m jonesing to get these socks off. Almost there kids.


One thought on “There’s No Better Feeling

  1. Aster Farrell says:

    No truer statement has been herald

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