New Drivers’ Licenses Coming to New York Again


March 18, 2013 11:32 AM by Wade Blogs

New NY LicenseNY Times – Over the years, the authorities across the nation have tried all manner of tactics to combat fake drivers’ licenses. Holograms. Water marks. Even blunt red letters reading “UNDER 21.”

Now, however, New York is turning to a new design with a retro look: portraits in black and white.

Beginning in July, the state’s drivers who are seeking new licenses will be issued hard polycarbonate cards with photos that appear black and white, replacing the bendable color version, a move toward the monochromatic that is also being tried in several other states.

Officials in New York describe the new licenses as an important step in thwarting a thriving and sophisticated counterfeit market, often based online, that caters to underage drinkers. But the fakes can potentially be used for more serious crimes, including terrorism, the officials said.

Welp, no more bendable license for New Yorkers anymore, one of the most unique things about the state. They will now try to beat frauds by issues a new card that is a hard plastic.

I am not happy about this! The bendable license is great because it’s literally indestructible and long lasting. The main reason for this is the cut back on scammers who make them for underage booze bags. Now that I am well above 21, I say fuck off to minors trying to drink in my bars. If they want to curb underage drinking why not put the birthdate as the watermark? Is it that hard and expensive?Let me keep my bendable! It’s all I’ve got left!

One thought on “New Drivers’ Licenses Coming to New York Again

  1. PJ Clark78 says:

    Just another excuse for another state to collect money in a mandatory way without calling it a tax. Wake up people

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