Blake Anderson – You’re My Guy

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March 14, 2013 11:31 AM by Billy Heywood

Blake Anderson

Examiner – Blake Anderson from Comedy Central’s hilarious TV show ‘Workaholics’ secretly wed his girlfriend Rachael Finley. The couple have been married since September of last year but are keeping it hush hush. A close friend of Blake’s said that the reason they got married is because they found out that Rachael has cancer and he proposed to her on the spot. 

Talk about shocking. I’ve been a huge fan of Workaholics since day 1 and I would have never took Blake for a romantic (no homo). I thought that he was exactly how he was in the show, but in real life. The guy is hilarious, but he now is awesome as shit by doing this. Hell, we all say we would do this, hypothetically. But this guy is put in this situation and straight up, no hesitation, nails it.

MG_2878Blake looks like Paula Poundstone (pictured above) but acts like Noah from The Notebook

6noah(erh uh…no homo?)

Regardless of his looks, there’s not a lot of guys out there who would have the balls to propose to his girlfriend the second he found she was diagnosed with cancer. Most guys would turn and run the other way but not Blake. Guys, take note, that’s how you nut up and TCOB.

Blake also does his hilarious impression of a nice guy that’s definitely worth a watch.

Blake Anderson…You’re My Guy.

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