I Am So Conflicted With This Toilet Seat Phenomena

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March 13, 2013 12:48 PM by Wade Blogs


If you work in an office or have roommates you have to share a bathroom which is 100% normal and acceptable. I am a bit mixed about something though.

When I take a shit at work or someone’s bathroom and the toilet seat is warm from the previous user is that a good or bad thing? I mean there’s a good chance it’s already warmed up for you which is nice but that’s also the strangest thing. It’s warm because someone else’s legs and basically their ass cheeks were sitting there marinating for a while.

This is such a catch 22. I like it but I hate it. It’s the circle of life in a shared bathroom. Someone warms it for you —–> you warm it for someone else —–> they warm it for the first guy —–> repeat. It’s just bringing everyone closer. One warmed toilet seat at a time.

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