Bar Fight Takes 3 Legs

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March 12, 2013 3:15 PM by Smash

Sam's Hauf Brau

SF Gate – Two men lost their legs after getting into a fight with another man at a Los Angeles strip club,the Los Angeles Times reports.

A fight, which allegedly included racial slurs, broke out inside the club at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday and continued in the parking lot, where 40-year-old Terrence Conrad Meeks is accused of ramming the other two men with a car, pinning the victims between two vehicles.

The two men were taken to a Los Angeles hospital, where one man had both legs amputated above the knee. The other man had his right leg amputated above the knee, doctors told the Los Angeles Times.

Meeks is charged with attempted manslaughter and DUI.

Reason #4,573,904 why you should avoid bar fights at all costs. 3 men enter, 2.25 men leave. There is literally never a time when I can think a bar fight is a good solution to a problem. Really solving anything while drinking is nearly impossible. Besides hungry pangs, I got nothing.

Now I’m not gonna sit here and lie that I don’t love a good bar fight. As an outsider looking in, it’s the closest thing to sitting ringside at the MGM Grand. I once got to see two black women duke it out outside of a bar in Chicago. Weaves were ripped out, bitches were dropped. They were a ladder and a suitcase full of cash away from Hell in a Cell. Entertainment at its finest.

Back to the story. Talk about adding insult to injury huh? Guy wins the fight by pinning 2 guys between 2 cars, takes out their legs, gets charged with manslaughter AND a DUI. Talk about being kicked when you’re down. Just trying to come out on top as the underdog and you get slapped with a DUI on top of everything. Welp, I guess at least he has his legs?


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