News to Me – The Average Work Week Comes in Less Than Hot at 34.5 Hours

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March 11, 2013 11:31 AM by Smash

WorkUSA Today – The 236,000 jobs the economy added in February lifted markets Friday — and hidden in the details of the jobs report may have been the equivalent of 300,000 more.

That’s because the average workweek inched up to 34.5 hours last month, up from 34.4 in January and 33.8 in 2009. It’s also within sight of the 34.7 hours per worker per week when the economy peaked in 2006.

I saw this number on the way to work this morning and I was immediately shocked. The average work week is 34.5 hours? I’m sorry, what? Who the fuck is working less than that? Do people who work 3 hours a week at some bullshit part time job get taken into consideration? I’m just baffled by this. Do people with full time jobs work less than 40 hours? Last time I checked 40 hours was pretty low nowadays.

How bout the fact that this is big news that the average work week JUMPED from 34.4 to 34.5? HUGE! I can’t wrap my head around this. We’re still 5.5 hours away from what I thought was the working norm. I guess it just makes me a better man for slaving away like a monkey clocking in at OVER the average. Suck on that one, economy.


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