Is Arrested Development the Funniest Show Ever in the History of Television?


March 11, 2013 3:15 PM by Billy Heywood

arresteddevelopment8161212After a heavy weekend of drinking, I couldn’t even think about getting out of bed yesterday. I grabbed my 64 oz of Gatorade, and watched 24 episodes of Arrested Development, back to back to back.

You might be asking “What flavor of Gatorade did you guzzle?”, and I’ll proudly say Glacier Freeze, because its a widely known fact that Glacier Freeze is the best Gatorade out there. Followed by Orange and Riptide Rush, and if you show me someone who thinks otherwise, I’ll show you a liar. Lemon Lime tastes like piss, Cascade Crush tastes too much like that dank-ass Cool Blue and Fruit Punch is straight up lame.


Getting back on course, Arrested Development is by far the funniest show that has ever graced our television screens. Seinfeld is a classic, and Modern Family is legit.


But nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever top Tobias, Gob, Buster, George Michael, Oscar, STEVE HOLT, Annyong!, Maeybe, Barry Zuckerkorn, Bob Loblaw, Carl Wheathers, J Walter Weatherman, Franklin Delano Bluth and last but certainly not least, Gene Parmesan.


All the side jokes, all the background faces, and all the rest of the silent homoerotic gestures and sayings of Tobias (Dousche-Chilllll!) makes me wet my pants with laughter.

If you’ve never seen Arrested Development, you must have had the worst life in the history of lives. Get to it you shitbricks, because you are missing out on some grade A++ comedy, and its coming back exclusively to Netflix soon. Fuck Dips for thinking Netflix is “for poor people.” I bet that idiot still buys DVDs like a bitch. Not having Netflix is “for poor people” you fagatron!

Fuck work, I’m going to go bang out the rest of the series in my apartment.

One thought on “Is Arrested Development the Funniest Show Ever in the History of Television?

  1. ErinXO56 says:

    I would have to strongly disagree, Curb your enthusiasm is MUCH better but they have more room to work. If you can make a funny show on network TV, like Modern Family, then you are better than shows on cable cause they can use curses and show ass and titties assss and titties asss asss and tithes

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