Is It Ok? – Finger Licking


March 8, 2013 3:32 PM by Smash

finger licking good(That hat goes perfectly with that guys deep throating skills)

You hear it all the time: “finger licking good!” Something is so good, you’ll lick your fingers after. It’s something people have been doing for hundreds of years. Eat something then lick the residue off of their fingers. Lots of times it’s Doritos, Cheetos, or fried chicken.

People licking their fingers after they finish something is so fucking gross. Especially in the case for Doritos. People suck the red off of their fingers like their trying to get to the center of Tootsie Pop. Slobbering all over themselves then they usually proceed to touch everything with their disgusting hands. Absolutely repulsive.

Living in a large city, this is an observation I’ve made: black people LOVE licking their fingers. 9/10 I see someone finish a bag of pork rinds or something and without question, their fingers are halfway down their throats. Maybe even a little “mmm mmm!” squeaks out.

Not surprising but another group that does it: wait for it…WAIT FOR IT…FAT PEOPLE. Of course they want every last piece and taste of whatever they’re eating. Settling for the serving they were given won’t do. They need to cap it off by tonguing their sausage fingers to clean those babies off in preparation for their next meal.

Coming from someone who uses about 13 times the amount of napkins than a normal person when eating, I’m clearly going to say no…licking your fingers after eating is not ok. No one wants to see that and no one should be put through the pain of having to hear that. Could be the most disturbing sound in the world.

One thought on “Is It Ok? – Finger Licking

  1. Buckholtz says:

    This picture is so creepy

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