Backup on I-79 Caused by LEGO Spill


March 8, 2013 9:00 AM by Wade Blogs

Lego SpillNBC Washington – Commuters on Interstate 79 in West Virginia faced at least an additional hour wait in traffic Sunday, WDTV reported. As drivers approached mile marker 117 in Harrison County, they saw thousands of tiny Lego building blocks scattered across the highway.

Firefighters and cleanup crews were there to pick up the pieces. Eric McClain, a firefighter on scene of the toy disaster, posted a photo of the highway littered with thousands of colorful bricks.

I read this headline and thought this was going to be a HUGE spill as if an 18 wheeler was hauling only loose legos and went topsy turvy. Still pretty fucking hilarious. I feel bad for the little guy that lost all his LEGOs. In a perfect world, LEGO would send this kid a few tubs (are they even still in tubs? Is that another thing lost from my childhood?) due to the publicity of the matter.

So Jack, the LEGO maniac is probably an executive in LEGO now…lets not forget what it feels like to be a heartbroken kid buddy.

One thought on “Backup on I-79 Caused by LEGO Spill

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    Someone should send this to the lego rep!

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