Downtown Josh Brown – You’re My Guy

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March 6, 2013 9:00 AM by Wade Blogs

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As many of you know, to be “My Guy” you have to be a top notch person. You have to be interesting but not pretentious. You have to be admirable for all the right reasons and you have to be a guy I’d want to shoot the breeze with over a few beers.

We have been holding off on this one for a while but I think the planets are aligned this week. Josh Brown is a financial advisor in NYC and can be seen on CNBC, WSJ, Bloomberg, etc. He also has one of the best Twitters in the game, for all followers not just financial people. Guy is always quick with a joke and far from a prick. Best example of why he is great is listed below. Not even 10 minutes after Chavez kicked the bucket he tweeted a legendary response. Bravo! In the words of urbanites, he keeps it 1Hunndit!!!!!!!

If you’re more of an Instagramer and not a tweeter than I strongly encourage you to follow him on there as well. If he is out to eat for lunch or dinner chances are those places will be on your “to go” list after. You don’t fancy restaurants?  He will make your at home cooked dinner look like military barracks chow.  He just gets it.

Long story short….He could get a reservation at Dorsia’s if Twitter was around in the 80s.

So Josh, if you read this I hope you like it. You have some fans at B-Minus Blogs. Hope you enjoyed Chicago, next time you’re out here leave the fucking snow in NYC.


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