Would You Rather: Diarrhea Vs. Laundry

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March 5, 2013 1:32 PM by Smash

I feel ya, toots.

Dips asked me this one last week and I basically thought it was a no brainer. I also think most people would agree with this one. Before I get ahead of myself, here’s the question:

Would you rather never do laundry again in your life or never have diarrhea again in your life?

That’s a clown question bro. Never do laundry again. Plain and simple, laundry fucking SUCKS. Especially if you don’t have the luxury of having laundry in your apartment. For me, it’s go outside, down 2 flights of stairs, into the basement (which kind of looks like a sex dungeon), put shit in, throw a timer on, go back downstairs, switch it, another timer, get it, then the worst part FOLD IT. That’s way too many steps. Factoring in the winter only makes this decision easier. I may or may not have busted my ass running up the stairs (who falls down stairs? Obviously you only fall up) several times. There is one benefit to doing laundry and that’s fresh clothes. Other than that…literally nothing.

Now this is where the question was easy: diarrhea. No matter what, you’re gonna have to shit. Plain and simple. The fact that it’s diarrhea too makes it a no brainer. How often are you getting diarrhea? If you chose this as your answer then I’m assuming you’re constantly on the verge of shitting your pants 24/7. Considering diarrhea is not a common occurrence, then suffering through it now and then isn’t nearly as bad as doing laundry, which happens much more frequently.

So yes, I’d rather never have to do laundry again in my life than never have diarrhea. If I was a millionaire my answer would change…but I’m not so until that happens. No laundry all day every day.

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