Starz is the So Unbelievably Bad It’s Mind Boggling


March 1, 2013 3:16 PM by Smash


So my cable company tossed in Starz when I signed up last year and I can honestly say there have been 2 movies on that have ever been worth watching. Everyday I check it and everyday I’m let down. I don’t understand it. Do people actually pay to have Starz? I’d just assume anyone who pays for that shit is braindead.

Take a look at what’s currently on Starz today:

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.46.07 PM

Oh a Christmas movie in March, great call.

Nothing. Nothing at all worth my time. Another thing, for a company to have an exclusive black change, the movies they play don’t seem all that black. What constitutes a movies being able to be played on Starz Black? Black Starz? Whatever, I’m not checking. I’m guessing the main character has to be black or it has to be a Tyler Perry movie. Other than that, I’ve got nothin. I’m pretty sure black people don’t even watch Black Starz.

Thanks for nothing, free movie channels I don’t have to pay for.

Sidenote – They really cashed in on the whole “z” craze of the 90’s huh? Kinda sucks they had to stick with it.

One thought on “Starz is the So Unbelievably Bad It’s Mind Boggling

  1. My cable company gave me Encore MoviePlex last year and they change their lineup every month with less than 20 movies that play over and over again. Starz’s lineup looks a little better than Encore’s, and I had no idea there was a “Starz Black”. Seriously?!

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