Am I An Asshole If I Don’t Care About People’s Heath Updates on Facebook?

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March 1, 2013 9:00 AM by Smash

Facebook Health Updates

It seems like every time I go on Facebook lately, someone is filling us all in on how their recovery is going, what happened at their latest doctor appoint, etc. Facebook is always good for at least one a day and I’m starting to block these people’s status’. Like when I see one I basically do the internet equivalent of a duck and cover (and by that I mean I click “unsubscribe” or keep scrolling).

But the more I see these the less and less I don’t give a shit. 99% of the time they’re from people I don’t actually talk to. Am I an asshole for giving zero fucks? I couldn’t care less about these updates. For example, I know someone who is “friends” with someone and they post their cancer updates daily. Obviously you can feel bad for the person but to hear in graphic detail how their recent trip to the hospital went is so far over the top.

Why not start an email group or something? Include your close personal friends and family. They care. They may even be able to help you out. The rest of us? Ehhhh I don’t think we need the updates.

Again, I’m not hoping they don’t get better or anything, of course I want them to recover and what not. It’s the whole “sharing too much on Facebook” shit. No one knows where to draw the line and what to share/not share anymore.

I’ll be waiting for the “well if you don’t like it unfollow, unfriend, etc” comments.

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