Mighty Duck-Duck Dynasty


February 28, 2013 3:15 PM by Wade Blogs

Duck Dynasty

ESPN – With his full gray beard, bandana, camouflage clothes and dark glasses, Phil Robertson looks like a rocker from ZZ Top gone rogue.

Yet Robertson, who first found wealth as the inventor of the Duck Commander duck calls and then fame as the patriarch of a clan of Louisiana duck hunters on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” reality series, is no backwoods bumpkin. He’s a multi-millionaire with a master’s degree in education. He’s also perhaps the best athlete ever to come out of the little town of Vivian, La.

In the 1960s, Robertson, now 66, was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech for two seasons ahead of Terry Bradshaw. His teammates and a coach recall him as a talented, outdoors-obsessed character who walked away from his final year of eligibility to spend more time hunting and fishing, but had the talent to play in the NFL.

So you mean to tell me this guy invented the duck calling tool that helped Charlie Conway round up the Ducks in Mighty Ducks D2?

What if he decided to go to the NFL?  The duck commander may have never been made and BOOM Conway cannot round up the Ducks from Guy playing tonsil hockey with Conny to Adam Banks practicing in a collared shirt (cake eater move).

Also he passed up the NFL because it got in the way of Duck hunting season.  Can’t knock a guy for staying loyal to what he loves.


One thought on “Mighty Duck-Duck Dynasty

  1. Barbara Stehle says:

    I LOVE Duck Dynasty … tell everyone to watch it. Makes me happy, happy, happy!! Thanks, Robertson’s and A&E.

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