Couple Arrested for Trying to Pull the Ol’ Movie Hop


February 27, 2013 11:34 AM by Smash

Movie Theater ChairsThe Smoking Gun – Meet Lendsey and Delilha Harbin

The married couple went to the movies Saturday night at a multiplex in Portage, Indiana, where they watched “Snitch,” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
When the action flick ended, the Harbins exited theater #13 and headed into theater #15, where the zombie film “Warm Bodies” was about to start.

The Harbins, however, had not purchased $6.75 tickets to the second movie, which resulted in the duo’s arrest for felony theft, according to a Portage Police Department report.

Two off-duty cops working security at the Portage 16 IMAX were standing outside theater #13 as “Snitch” was letting out. One officer reported alerting to Lendsey Harbin, 49, due to his “very colorful clothing, white vest, white dress pants, and a bright red shirt.” The second cop advised that he thought the Harbins had previously “attempted to sneak into movies without paying for the tickets.”

Soooo people actually get in trouble for this, huh? News to me. If you tell me you’ve never movie hopped in your life you’d be lying. The play when you’re younger when you can’t get into an R rated movie is obviously get a ticket to the PG-13 flick then stroll into the R movie. Done and done. Or you do what the Harbin’s did. Just like the drive in days, they wanted the 2-1 special. The Rock + Warm Bodies in one night is A LOT to handle. It’s too bad they were arrested because they were obviously about to get wild in the sack after a huge night like that.

I feel like I don’t need to even mention it but I’m mentioning it: how perfect is it that they went to see Snitch? You couldn’t even write a script for this. If you did, it’d probably be better than Snitch anyway.

I feel like the felony charges may be a little harsh here. How bout they just pay for the ticket and be on their way. I want to know where the fuck they can see a movie for $6.75. Is this 1994? Haven’t seen a ticket below $10 in a quick minute.

Sidenote – I feel like Lendsey is going to slap me through the screen.

Lendsey and Delilha Harbin

One thought on “Couple Arrested for Trying to Pull the Ol’ Movie Hop

  1. brighterday says:

    Felony, for real, I thought it had to be over $400.00 to be a felony. But arrested, I guess those cops were real pissed off that they had to work security in order to make ends meet.

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