Arnold’s Room in Real Life Would Blow

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February 26, 2013 4:45 PM by Smash

Hey Arnold Room

Someone came up with a rendering of what Arnold’s room from “Hey Arnold!” would look like in real life. Welp, it kills me to say this but Arnold’s room kinda sucks. Don’t get me wrong, the couch that flips over and shit is awesome but the rest? Terrible. Looks smaller than Harry Potter’s closet.

I think the biggest issue with why this could be the worst room in the world is the ceiling. Skylights galore and no blinds in sight. Do you have any idea how terrible that would be every morning? Not only that but he lived in the city. The chance some whack job gets on your roof and watches you sleep is so high. They also took out the heater which would be miserable.

Thanks but no thanks. Lets keep that one in the cartoon world.

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