Notre Dame College


February 25, 2013 12:45 PM by Wade Blogs


As many of our readers know, we are big Notre Dame fans. I mean we bleed gold and blue despite never attending the college and only stepping foot on campus for a few football games over our lifetime.

I was in a business meeting with a young man like myself and we exchanged pleasantries and the like. When we mentioned what college we went to, he replied “Notre Dame.” So right away I trusted the guy with my child I may or may not have somewhere in Panama, FL. As I was asking him all types of questions, he stops me and goes…”I went to Notre Dame College…in Ohio.” WHAT?

NDC may or may not have used WordArt to create their mascot.

NDC may or may not have used WordArt to create their mascot.

Is going to Notre Dame College, which I am sure is a fine Catholic institution, worse than not ever going to Notre Dame and still being a die hard fan as if your ancestors have been going there since the doors have opened? I mean some schools should only have the original in any way shape or form. Imagine saying “I go to college.” Or whenever I hear an ad for “Northwestern College.” I always imagine someone telling me they went to Northwestern and automatically assume they’re a Wildcat when actually they went to Northwestern College. I guess they’re technically not lying.

The Spring Practice “Blue & Gold Game” is only weeks away. Never too early to start thinking about next season!

One thought on “Notre Dame College

  1. duzzi says:

    Are they the Fighting Irish too? Lol Looks like a Bird…some type of Falcon

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