Why Does the World Baseball Classic Exist?

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February 21, 2013 2:22 PM by Smash

World Baseball Classic 2013 Logo

Was this baseball’s way of acting like they didn’t care baseball got dropped from the Olympics? Because if it is they didn’t do a good job of showing they don’t care. This is the dumbest fucking event. I think I’d rather watch the World Cup than this monstrosity. And that’s saying something considering I fucking despise soccer.

All this is is a good way for guys to get hurt before the MLB season. Nothing more. “It’s real game experience.” Shut up, it’s bullshit. That’s what Spring Training is for.

Not only is this a terrible idea but there are also about 4 teams that have a shot at any sort of success in this thing: Cuba, Dominican Republic, USA, and maybe Mexico. Japan is good for 1 sick pitcher and 8 Ichiro type players. Get rid of this shit and don’t bother. I can’t say I’ve been following this but aren’t teams not even allowing players to play in it? I know the Mets aren’t allowing Johan Sanatana (thank God) so other teams must be keeping guys back. If your team is sending anyone noteworthy to this, you should be upset.

The only thing good about this is whoever wins is the actual “World Series winner.” Although, they’re most likely still a third world country. But hey, at least they can win the World Baseball Classic!

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