If This Leaked Lollapalooza Lineup is Legit I’m Already There


February 19, 2013 12:15 PM by Smash

Leaked Lollpalooza Lineup
This is supposedly the leaked Lollapalooza lineup. If this is legit you betchur ass I’ll be there front and center. Jay-Z and Mumford & Sons are enough alone, but throw in Kendrick Lamar, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and Skrillex and shit is going to get real weird, real quick.

Be there or be square, dweebs.


2 thoughts on “If This Leaked Lollapalooza Lineup is Legit I’m Already There

  1. Derrilick miBalls says:

    Skrillex made his fortune off recording transformers have sex. But M&S and Jz are great.

  2. windycityedm says:

    the lineup is fan made. last year’s was made by bryn rich aka @brynrich aka brynrich on the lolla forums. He made the lineup last year and this year’s was made by another very active user in the lolla forums..more than likely either a user called garpo or johnd(the lineup matches his top artist list for lolla exactly)..there are speculation about it being a couple of chicago radio personalities as well(but we rnt sure)

    the lineups are made by compiling data for tours and other concerts. the source code for the lolla lineup page is downloaded from last year’s page and the band names and replaced with the speculated ones. Very easy to do.

    i personally spoke with bryn regarding the newest lineups and he siad it isnt him, but then sarcastically said or is it. Last year he did “to fuck with the media”. this year is probably mroe fo the same.

    for more info check out where the twitter convos and other uodates are loacted including lineup leaks…newest leak is Wu Tang clan and a certain mau5 😉 check out the link for all the info http://www.windycityedm.com/2013/02/lollapalooza-2013-lineup-leak.html

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