#1 Most Overrated Part of California, America, & the World


February 19, 2013 11:35 AM by Wade Blogs


I travel to California quite a bit for work and I’m always asked the same questions when I return:

Did you see any movie stars?

– No the state is called California  not Hollywood. Most of the people who ask that are not natives of a city or suburb of a big city.

Did you go surfing?

– I wear a suit and tie to work and my only free time during the week is at night (if any).  They are always disappointed when I say no, as if they do rad outdoor activities during the weekdays.

Is it like 80 degrees there?

– California is FUCKING HUGE and has a diverse climate.

But the #1 most annoying and most overrated part of this world we live in:

– OH MY GOD. I LOVE IN ‘N OUT! You’re so lucky to be in California and able to get it.

I used to think this was an East Coast thing, you know…trying to be cool and what not. Nope, it is ALL OVER. Let us not forget that this institution is in fact fast food. The same fast food you claim never to eat because you’re a health freak. Anyway, it is better than say McDonalds or Burger King but it doesn’t beat a homemade burger. When I say homemade burger, I mean not mass produced. You know the type you’d get in a sit down restaurant.

Nothing makes me more mad than people fawning over In ‘N Out. It is something you should try, but not something worth flying cross country for and even reworking your day to get.

Fun fact: Google can answer any and all questions on California. Click here to check it out!

One thought on “#1 Most Overrated Part of California, America, & the World

  1. paisstat says:

    When I moved here, everyone kept buzzing about In ‘N out, so of course I tried it. I found the fries to be tasteless and the burgers boring and honestly prefer McDonald’s.

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