Half of Moms Join Facebook to Spy on Their Kids

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February 18, 2013 10:16 AM by Smash

Moms on Facebook

Mashable – Are you friends with your parents on Facebook? You might be surprised to find out that one in two parents join Facebook just to keep tabs on their kids. In our increasingly digital world, it is difficult for parents to monitor their children’s activities — so perusing social media is an obvious solution.

To give you more heebie-jeebies, 43% of parents check out their kid’s profile daily — with special interest given to status updates and photos you are tagged in. So you might want to think twice before you tag yourself at that frat party doing a perfect keg-stand.

The ol parents on Facebook. They’ve been haunting their kids for years. If your mother isn’t already on Facebook, she’s probably been thinking about it.

Here’s the thing: if you can’t accept your moms friend request, you’re clearly hiding shit and that’s why she’s joining. If you can accept it, she knows what you do and probably won’t check your profile at all. Instead, she’ll be adding her classmates from 40 years ago and using the status bar as a search engine.

So, if you’re a high schooler posting pictures of yourself drinking, well…you’re a fucking idiot and I hope your mom sees that.

I’m a grown ass man and my language has had to be cleaned up significantly after my family added me on Facebook. Really cramping my style. My joke stock goes down about 89% on Facebook. Family on Facebook is never a good idea. And remember…Facebook has only caused bad. It never causes good.

Now here’s a nifty diagram of “Facebooking Your Parents?”


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