McDonald’s All American Jerseys Are So Sick! Sike!

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February 15, 2013 9:01 AM by Billy Heywood


I think this “sleeve fad” that Adidas is pushing hard for is gayer than Elton John wearing a rainbow flag while listening to Ricky Martin at the Gay-Pride Parade in San Francisco. Basketball jerseys were made without sleeves specifically for the freedom to move your arms wherever you need to.


Now Adidas is trying to “revolutionize” the whole reason for rockin tank tops on the hardwood. This would be like if Nike made shorts for the MLB or if Reebok decided to make the NHL sweater jerseys into polos! This shit is straight looney!


The McDonald’s All American Game jerseys came out today and they couldn’t be more disgusting. The red “home” jersey is fine, and I kinda like it, minus the zebra camo numbers and the dumbass sleeves. However, the zebra camo jersey, guessing its the “home” jersey is straight up vomit.

Is there anything less intimidating than wearing a ZEBRA camo jersey? Come’on! zebras? That’s all Adidas could come up with? How about cheetah, elephants, snow leopards, snakes, I could go on all day. If you’re a guy wearing zebra print, on anything, just cut your balls off and hand them to the dude sheriff because you don’t deserve your manhood. Hell I’d rather wear the gross ass St. Patrick’s Day jerseys the NBA came out with years ago.


Why does Adidas come into the NBA and just fuck everything up? They should just stick to soccer shit and be gone.

Sidenote – Everytime I went to spell “Adidas” I said “All Day I Dream About Soccer” in my head to remember how to spell it.

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