LeBron James’ Transformation


February 15, 2013 12:51 PM by Smash

LeBrown James Heat

‘The Chosen One’, ‘King James’: these are but some of the many accolades bestowed upon one LeBron James, undeniably the best basketball player on the planet today. James will probably go down as one of the most physically gifted athletes to ever grace the hardwood, the game’s most dominant force since the times of Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal and the great Michael Jordan. In reality, LeBron has been the best player in the NBA for some time and he has clearly shown that he is miles above everybody else in the league. He has transformed the game, and has made greatness look so easy.

But in spite of all his major accomplishments, championships and individual award, he will also be remembered by some as the arrogant, childish player who left his hometown team, taking his “talents” elsewhere in search for that elusive first ring. For many, he will always remain the unforgiven, and for a time he was probably the most disliked player on the planet as well. And then came last year, he started to calm down and grow up. He won his first NBA championship and led the USA Men’s National Basketball team to Olympic Gold. Suddenly, LeBron James was done being the villain. He has actually become likable. Sure, he still dominates games and beats opponents down on a nightly basis. But this transformation has only brought positive things to James’ game and personality as well. For the fans, it is now more fun to watch and enjoy the game, appreciating his all around brilliance on the court. His talent is always the topic of debate even on community online chat sites like FoxyBingo or Facebook. Whatever the online community thinks, the change in LeBron James’ outlook toward the game of basketball and its fans is a good sign for the overall image of the sport itself. It can also be a good marketing strategy, if it is for the man who is also known to be one of the leaders when it comes to sports endorsements.

LeBron James is at the peak of his basketball career right now. And this transformation will certainly help cement his legacy in basketball. He still has a lot of championships and milestones to look forward to, but most importantly, the acceptance of the whole basketball world of him as the greatest of all time would cap his already outstanding career.

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    Thanks for the thesis statemant Smash

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