Would You Rather Be Stuck With No Heat or No Air Conditioning?

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February 13, 2013 1:46 PM by Smash

No Air Conditioning

So for the past week, I’ve had no heat more than I’ve had heat. It’s been a fucking nightmare. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, I’m sure you’ve dealt with the people your landlord hires to fix shit. They will cut corners any and everywhere possible to save money. Who my landlord has been hiring I couldn’t tell you. I’m convinced they’re just taking parts each time and selling them.

But it brings up the question of which is worse: having no heat in the winter or no air conditioning in the summer?

Hands down it’s no a/c in the summer. I’d take it being hot than cold all day, everyday. Only a moron would say they would rather it be cold. In the heat, yeah it blows when you’re sweating your ass off. But you have so many options when it comes to cooling down: cold shower, pool, cold drinks, fans. In the cold you have to have a million blankets, hats, jackets, everything. And you can either just drink coffee or whiskey, one will put you on the toilet, the other will put you in bed. Both not practical situations.

Besides the fact of not having one or the other, no a/c in the summer is better simply because it’s summer. Winter sucks dick.

Vote below. Obvious answer here but I’m sure there are some lunatics out there who enjoy being cold.


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