Intel Introduces the TV Box That Watches You

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February 13, 2013 3:03 PM by Smash

Intel TV Box

The Register – Intel has confirmed it will be selling a set-top box direct to the public later this year, along with a streaming TV service designed to watch you while you’re watching it.

More controversial is the plan to use a camera on the box to look outward, to identify the faces staring at the goggle box… telescreen-stylie. Intel will use that to present personalised options and targeted advertising, in a process which seems immediately creepy but might make sense to anyone who has tuned in to NetFlix to be told “Because you watched Power Rangers Ninja Storm…” We’re used to being watched while we’re web surfing, and those using Google Docs know the composition process contributes to their profile, but being watched on camera might be a step too far for some.

Uhhh, no thanks. Could there be a creepier product ever made? Other than the Furby, this takes the cake as another contender for first place.

So basically, while you’re watching tv, this thing is watching you. Why the fuck would anyone want that? And how could that help it know what you like? “We saw you enjoyed Busty Babes 3, try these suggestions next.” Is that what it would do? See you smiling or some shit?

This reminds me of that Disney Channel movie Smart House. Thing just knows what you’re doing 24/7. Except this friggin thing can’t whip up a delicious smoothie or clean up spilled drinks. Just creepily stare at you while you watch tv.

If this thing was a person, clearly it would be the overly attached girlfriend and would permanently have this face while watching you:


Yeah, I’ll stick with the remote. Thanks.


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