Miapolis – Miami’s Plan to Build a Mecca for Douchebags


February 11, 2013 3:00 PM by Smash


Now before I say anything, I’m 100% convinced this is work of some massive internet troll. There is no way this can be real. For those wondering what is this giant building in Miami? Well, I’ll tell you:

Miapolis is the proposed tallest building in the world that would rise 3,200 feet above the ground and be located on Miami’s Watson Island.

In all honesty, it looks fucking awesome. It’s like bringing those absurdly awesome building in Dubai to America. Not only does it look awesome but it would probably be great for Miami, although I still probably wouldn’t visit.

But my big issue is the one that I can’t shake. I feel like this would just house all the douchebags that make up Miami. It would be playing Pitbull all day every day, have greaseballs running around doing whatever greaseballs do, and have a pile of cocaine 3,200 feet high. Not only all those wonderful things but the name itself is so fucking Miami I can’t take it. MIAPOLIS.

Well if this gets approved (and is actually real) I hope they don’t bring in builders like they do their sports teams. They’ll start with garbage, bring in the best talent, have them finish it, then destroy the whole thing and start all over again. That’s just Miami 101.

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