Whoever Thought of This Ad Just Made the Play of Their Career


February 8, 2013 10:00 AM by Wade Blogs

God Made a Farmer

The Detroit News – Chrysler Group LLC’s Ram brand chief says the automaker’s Super Bowl ad featuring the role of farmers in American life has been seen or shared on the Internet more than 10 million times.

The Auburn Hills automaker had promised on Sunday to donate to the Future Farmers of America $100,000 per 1 million times the “So God Made a Farmer” two-minute Super Bowl ad was seen, shared or emailed on its website with a target donation of $1 million. In less than five days, Chrysler has already hit the goal.

Someone just got a big raise at whatever ad company created and thought of this commercial. I mean 10 years ago I didn’t even think of things like this. I would see a cool commercial and say, wow thats great! I want to see it again! But after watch Mad Men for 5 seasons, I look at the world of advertising a little differently. That was clearly someones home run moment and whoever thought of it went from a dinky ass uncomfortable rolling chair to a plush leather one in a corner office. Well done.

One thought on “Whoever Thought of This Ad Just Made the Play of Their Career

  1. Christ is Savior says:

    We need more GOOD commercials and stories on the news instead of the negativity. Am I rite poeple?

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