Kate Upton is Back to Back SI Swimsuit Cover Champ


February 8, 2013 4:53 PM by Billy Heywood


Mother of God. Talk about a hottie who brings it 24-7 365. Just absolutely setting the tone for models. Yeah she might be a little chubby, but fuck the haters. You don’t get the SI cover back to back from eating salads. You get it from nailin the modeling scene since day 1.

Congrats Kate, you deserve it…now if she would just take off the jacket, and get yourself a Championship Belt.


But here’s the real question…Which cover is hotter? Personally I would go with this years, because its different and new, plus its not your everyday swimsuit cover. For one, shes in the fucking artic, rockin a furry hood jacket, looking sexy as fuck, and two, the whole tits out no shirt thing is getting me all hot and bothered. Cover #1 is just vanilla. Just a babe in a bikini in the sun. Still, hot as fuck but booooooring. What do you guys think? 2012 vs 2013? What Kate is hotter?

4 thoughts on “Kate Upton is Back to Back SI Swimsuit Cover Champ

  1. Dave45219 says:

    Has anyone ever been on back 2 back covers in SI swimsuit history?

  2. I love Kate Upton says:

    Has any one ever held it 3x in a row?

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