Is It Ok? – Bathroom Stalls


February 8, 2013 1:45 PM by Smash


For the second inSTALLment of “Is it Ok?” I’m tackling men using bathroom stalls simply to pee.

I walked into the bathroom earlier and I see a guys feet in the first stall. Usually a common sighting but these feet were facing toward the toilet. Then a steady stream of piss begins to hit the calm waters filling the porcelain throne. It’s not the first time this has happened and it sure won’t be the last, but every single time it baffles me.

Urinals were created for a single reason: to allow men to quickly and easily piss, without taking up a stall. Urinals (not just a clever name) are the only place in a bathroom a guy should be pissing. The only exception is at sporting events where the line is out the door and you take anything you can get, or you’re George Costanza:

I know most guys who piss in stalls probably use the ol “shy bladder” excuse but that is unacceptable. You can’t pee if people are around? What does a stall with 3 inch cracks in it do to help you? I can still hear you.

So, is it ok? Can guys use a bathroom stall simply to pee? I am clearly against any and all men using a stall just to pee. That’s where serial killers pee, not normal guys.

Sidenote – Kramer’s doubletake in that video is the best doubletake in history. Zero competitors.

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