Wearing a KKK Outfit in Philadelphia is One Way to Get Your Point Across

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February 7, 2013 3:00 PM by Wade Blogs

Clayton Bigsby

CBS Philly – The man, who stood on the corner of 13th and Filbert on Tuesday, is not out to lynch or kill black people. In fact, he is black.

Thirty-five-year-old Sixx King says he’s using the offensive symbol to highlight a serious problem: black on black crime.

“We’re bringing awareness to the black hypocrisy, complacency and apathy in the African-American community,” said King.

According to the FBI, in 2011 more than 7,000 black people were killed. King’s sign reads that the KKK killed 3,446 blacks in 86 years, while black on black murders surpass that number every six months.

So this guy has a brass set of balls to do this. I mean anyone who dresses in a racially charged outfit on anyday of the week is an idiot and deserve what comes to him. But this gentleman is in fact African American and is doing this to raise awareness of black on black crimes. I’m not going to lie this is pretty smart marketing ploy to highlight your cause. I tip my hat to the man trying to make a difference in society without harming others.

But when I first hard about this, I thought of the Chapelle Show skit of Clayton Bigsby.


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