Welp…What Do We Do Now?


February 6, 2013 3:00 PM by Billy Heywood

Football is officially over. Super-bowl came and went, and now we’re left with hockey and basketball. The Rangers are sucking dick lately, and yes, I know the Knicks are nailing it, but I hate the NBA in general. I love the alley-oops and dunks, but nothing beats college ball. In the NBA there’s no defense, it’s all offense and everyone is a ego-driven ball hog. Hockey is great and all but it’s not as good as football and baseball. No way in hell. Baseball comes back in a week, but that’s not even real baseball. That’s just a bullshit month and a half so the minor league guys can at least say they got a shot. I rather watch paint dry than watch a spring training game.

There is literally no worse time in life than Super-bowl to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s 7 weeks of depression. There is nothing to watch, nothing to do and Valentine’s day/Ash Wednesday is shoved in the middle of it, which makes everything in the world just gay. You either have to do something for your significant other , in most cases isn’t good enough for them so you are in the doghouse, or you don’t have a significant other so you just go to a strip club or beat your meat to Kate Upton in lingerie.


Then there is Lent…woof. Ash Wednesday is just the kick in the balls, doesn’t hurt at first, but as it goes on, and Lent takes over, the pain just gets worse and worse. Life is just so fucking gloomy. For fucks sake. My sports life is mis-er-able.

But we will get through this fellas. St. Patty’s is on the 17th, March Madness starts the 18th, and the Mets start April 1st against the Padres…Giddddy up!

2 thoughts on “Welp…What Do We Do Now?

  1. P.T.Panko says:

    Billy Heyseed,

    You forgot to mention Spring Training and the NFL Combine.

    You are mis-er-able at life. Just remember its down the stream…not across the street

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