Russian Flight Attendant Fired for Giving the Finger


February 6, 2013 11:15 AM by Smash

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Daily Mail – An air hostess who posted a picture of herself giving her passengers the finger has been sacked by Aeroflot airline bosses in Russia after it ended up on Twitter.

Flight attendant Tatiana Kozlenko put the snap up on her personal page on Vkontakte, one of Russia’s most popular Facebook-style social networks.

Within hours the snap – which appears to show the arm of an air hostess giving the finger to an airplane cabin full of passengers – had clocked up dozens of ‘likes’.

But the image then went viral after it was posted on Twitter and reTweeted by hundreds of users.

Aeroflot airline bosses soon found out about the photo and fired Ms Kozlenko.

Well this is a God damn shame. All Tatiana is doing is what everyone who has ever been a flight attendant is thinking. And if you have every flown before then you know the kind of assbags flight attendants have to deal with. It usually seems to be 75% to 25% asshole to normal people ratio. And this is a Russian airline so you can probably up that number a bit simply because of vodka.

What I don’t understand here is who is upset? What person, even the CEO of the airline, can’t understand the frustration these people face? I’m honestly surprised a flight attendant hasn’t killed a person yet. Ice in their veins.

On another note, when will people start to think about what they post to Twitter and Facebook? Facebook literally only causes problems.

Sidenote – Tatiana is a babe, right?

2 thoughts on “Russian Flight Attendant Fired for Giving the Finger

  1. mikhail gorbachev says:

    Я хотел бы держаться, что пальцем куда-то. Извините, если что было жестоким.

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