Diet Soda & Liquor Gets You Drunker

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February 6, 2013 12:30 PM by Wade Blogs


Fox News – The simple choice of whether or not to mix liquor with a diet or regular soda may affect how intoxicated you get, a new study suggests.

In the study, men and women ages 21 to 33 who drank vodka mixed with diet soda had breath alcohol concentrations that were 18 percent higher after 40 minutes compared with people who drank the same dose of vodka mixed with regular soda.

In fact, after three to four drinks, people who used diet soda as a mixer had a breath alcohol level that exceeded the legal limit for an adult operating a motor vehicle. People who used regular soda in their drink did not.

What’s more, people who used diet mixers scored more poorly on a test of reaction time that people who used regular mixers, although both groups reported feeling similar levels of intoxication.

Disclaimer: I’m no doctor but I have seen a couple of episodes of Bill Nye the Science guy.

So this studying is saying diet soda mixed with liquor gets you more fucked up? Anyone who ever worked in a bar already knows this premise because of all the artificial diet shit in the drink, it changes the nature of the reaction of the liquor with your body. You think Victoria, the brunette dime piece sipping on diet and rum get super fucked up because she doesn’t eat? Well that may be the case but it also is because of the diet soda. But back to the article, college’s will no doubt publish this to deter people from binge drinking but it will do the opposite. You don’t give a pyromaniac matches and you don’t tell a college kid something that gets him more fucked up than usual.

If you’re looking to get plastered order diet cola (your cola brand could be here if you sponsor B-Minus Blogs) and a liquor…you won’t really feel the difference if you normally drink but you can experiment. Girls, this may your excuse to stop drinking that diet shit you claim “you are addicted” too. No one likes diet soda, they drink because they think it will lose them weight. Or you can be like this guy and skip the calories all together:

Drink safely and responsibly and of course obey the drinking laws. 21 means 21. Stay thirsty my friends.

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