Table for One Takes On a Whole New Meaning


February 5, 2013 10:15 AM by Smash

Anti-Loneliness Ramen BowlMashable – The Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl gives new meaning to face time. Designed to keep solo diners entertained, the noodle bowl has a built-in iPhone dock placed on one end so you can comfortably view your device while slurping away. Your phone may be vulnerable to splashes of soup, though, as the design does leave it a little exposed.

Now, before I say anything, I’d like to make it clear I’m all for eating alone. No, I’m not talking at a legit restaurant where someone seats you. I’m talking fast food places and whatnot. My only reasoning is food is a million times better fresh on the spot than taking it home, and a fucking billion times better than bringing it back to your desk. Cold hard facts.

Anyway, if this isn’t the biggest dweeb device in history then I don’t know what is. The Japanese strike again. Creating weird things for weird people. If you’re going to eat alone, just look at your phone and don’t say anything. Once you open your mouth you automatically look insane. Right up there with the people who still wear Bluetooth ear sets and you don’t know they have one in.

Not only is this the most pathetic invention ever, but it’s a one way trip to the most disgusting phone on earth. The people who own this are the same people who eat Cheetos while using their computer. 3 inch thick debris and crumbs stuck in the keys from ’03.


I just threw up all over my computer after looking at this picture. Now I’m stuck with the same problem. Not really but that picture is fucking DISGUSTING. You’re welcome.

Well, if this nerd bowl becomes the next big thing, I’m outta here. I’m going wherever/whatever the opposite of Japan is.


One thought on “Table for One Takes On a Whole New Meaning

  1. […] earlier when I said the “Anti Loneliness Ramen Bowl” was the worst invention ever? Well, it was literally topped in the same day by the shoe phone. These shoes and boots have a […]

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